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New Product Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce WinStar - our new tracking software for companies servicing Backflow prevention units.

 This is a subset of our popular STAR software currently available for DOS. This upgrade is being developed using FoxPro Version 9 - the latest version of Microsoft's (tm) premier database environment.  WinStar has all the Windows look and feel with the same power, flexibility and usability of STAR.  We have extracted the features of most interest to Backflow prevention companies to create a product targeted just for them. 

WinStar should be available in September, 2009.  This product will sell for $1,999.

The upgrade price for existing STAR users is $999. 

This product requires Microsoft (tm) Windows XP or Vista to run properly.


Winstar provides customer information tracking, municipal agency tracking, backflow unit tracking and supports yearly inspection requirement notification and tracking.  Reports show which units require their yearly inspection.  WinStar will create letters to send to your customers informing them of the need for their yearly inspection and allow you to track which customers have complied and which haven't.  Detailed information of each backflow unit is maintained as well as important customer and contact information relating to each backflow unit.

Current STAR users will be able to upgrade to WinStar without losing any of their current data. STAR users will be notified when WinStar is released.

Standard Products

DanceWare Automates all common dance studio functions including registration, accounting, billing, shows/recitals, ordering costumes, mailings, etc.
STAR A flexible business management program for small businesses. Allows tracking customers, generating invoices, logging payments, inventory tracking, etc. Special options for BACKFLOW valve service businesses.
Real Estate Office Automation A superior system for firms with multiple offices. Uses client server techniques to coordinate entering listings, sending them to the MLS, tracking which homes are being shown and by whom, CMA's with pictures and custom letters, web page integration for making firms listings available on the internet.
Credit Exchange System For Associations A host computer system and easy to use remote software for implementing credit exchanges between members of an association. Remote software provides easy to use forms for entering and viewing credit information. Automatic interchange of information with host.


Company Services

MMI provides consulting and custom programming services for business computer users. We develop custom applications using many of today's leading technologies including FoxPro, HTML, SQL server, networking, communications, client server and internet/intranet. Because we are fluent in many software development environments, we can develop your application using the most appropriate environment for your company's needs.

MMI staff have extensive experience in system design, user interface design and database design. We can determine your requirements, write the specifications and then implement the designs you approve. Our staff does the development and initial testing on our equipment at our offices, reducing your development resource requirements and minimizing any disruption to your business.

Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies, to SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) enterprises. We provide estimates before starting any project. Contracting can be hourly or fixed price. We stand behind our work because it meets the highest professional quality standards.


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